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Smoked Orange Roughy                                  200g
NZ $15.60

Smoked Orange Roughy 200g

Our Coromandel smoked Orange Roughy has a warm golden colour with white flesh and a light, buttery flavour. Mouthwatering when flaked into a salad or served on its own with crusty bread and a chilled white wine. Or try baking it in a lightly seasoned white sauce.

About Orange Roughy (Hoplostethus atlanticus)
Orange Roughy is a deep water species, mainly taken by deep sea trawls at depths of 750 to 1200m. Catches are mainly from the Chatham Rise, the southern part of the South Islands West Coast and some parts of the Challenger Plateau. Although the fish has a reddish body and bluish-tinged belly regions, it turns orange after catch (hence the name). The average size is 30-40cm but orange roughy can reach 45cm. Orange roughy has a delicate shellfish-like flavour, with firm, pure white flesh high in Omega 3 Oil.