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Smoked Snapper
NZ $12.80

Smoked Snapper

A Kiwi favourite! Our delicately smoked Snapper continues to be immensely popular with visitors to our Coromandel shop. Corosmoke snapper has a distinctive yet mild flavour, and is a great favourite for salads and cooked dishes.

About Snapper (Chrysophrys auratus)
Snapper is a member of the sea bream family. They are a golden pink to reddish colour, with many small blue spots on their upper sides. Snapper average 30-60cm in length and weigh around 0.5-4 kg. However, exceptional specimens of 10kg or more are occasionally caught.Snapper has a tender white to pinkish flesh with a sweet, mild flavour. It can be cooked in practically every way, or alternatively served raw as sashimi.
Snapper are found in New Zealand’s warmer coastal waters - particularly in the northern North Island and Bay of Plenty regions. This fish is mainly taken by bottom long line or trawling, generally from depths of 10-100 metres.