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Smoked Seafood Platter - Large
NZ $49.00

Smoked Seafood Platter - Large

Corosmoke’s Seafood Platters are much sought after as tasters, gifts, and buffet centrepieces.

Each Platter is a work of art, carefully assembled by hand, and makes a beautiful and unusual present. Platters are available in three convenient sizes.

The Coromandel Smoking Company’s Large Smoked Seafood Platters offer a massive 1kg of smoked delights. Typically arranged around a juicy Smoked Kahawai side or large fillet of Smoked Trevally, are delicate slices of Tuna, Kingfish and Warehou. Corosmoke’s sliced Salmon and delicious Smoked Mussels add up to a picture that will be hard to resist.

May contain sesame oil.