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Customer Service

The Coromandel Smoking Co. operates an approved food safety programme and along with years of experience, knowledge and expertise ensures, that our products are of the finest quality.

The Coromandel Smoking Co. is an industry leader in terms of both product and service, with numerous existing satisfied customers.

Our Guarantee

We stand by our service, our products and our customers.

We provide a 100% guarantee. We promise to:
• take the utmost care in processing your order
• take the utmost care in selecting and preparing your products
• deliver in the timeframe agreed
• deliver fresh product

If you should experience any problems, please call us immediately

Toll Free: 0800 327 668
Phone: 07 866 8793

Sales support

We pride ourselves on our amazing sales support. Please contact us at for any assistance you may require


It is the oxygen in the air that hastens both the chemical breakdown and microbial spoilage of many foods; this is why we vacuum pack your smoked fish in strong food grade bags, immediately after it has been smoked and cut.
Packaging 3 web-31

This is your guarantee that your fish will reach you without any chance of bacterial contamination. Due to the lack of oxygen the fish will be slightly darker in colour and may have a slight odor, however both these symptoms will dissipate after approximately 5 minutes, and does not affect its eating quality in any way.