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Smoked Kahawai - Herbed 600g approx
NZ $21.00

Smoked Kahawai - Herbed 600g approx

Smoked Kahawai is our little secret! At the Coromandel Smoking Co. we have appreciated for years the succulent delight that is well smoked Kahawai – and now we want to share it with you! Long used as a traditional filling for smoked fish pie, this tasty fish offers so much more!

Corosmoke’s Herbed Kahawai is sprinkled with a tasty selection of mixed herbs prior to smoking. Put some Coromandel herbs into your life and let your imagination run wild then serve this fabulous fish in a whole host of ways.

About Kahawai (Arripis trutta)
Kahawai are firm, silvery fish with a rigid body. Their backs have black spots or ripple patterns. Young fish up to 25cm have in addition, vertical rows of spots below the lateral line. They are easily distinguished from similar sized kingfish by the high spiny dorsal fin that is joined to the soft rayed portion of the fin. Kahawai vary from grey-blue to blue-green above and are silvery beneath with scattered dark grey spots on the back and flanks. These fish can grow up to 75cm in length, weighing up to 9 Kg, but their average size is 40-50cm and 1-2Kg in weight.
Kahawai are found around the North Island, the South Island, the Kermadec and Chatham Islands. They occur mainly in coastal seas, harbours and estuaries and will enter rivers.