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NZ $40.00

Smoked Trevally Sides Lime & Pepper

Our smoked Trevally sides are a firm favourite with our Coromandel customers,
Trevally has a good texture and a wonderful taste, not too strong, not too mild,
and it melts in the mouth when freshly smoked.

For something different, our aromatic Lime & Pepper coating gives Coro Smoke's Trevally sides a distinctive flavour. They make a divine light lunch, or an exotic starter.

About Trevally (Pseudocaranx dentex)
Trevally reach well in excess of 40 years of age. the largest fish around are 60 cm in length and weigh about 4.5kg. Trevally are common around the North Island and northern half of the south Island but most abundant along the northeast and north-west coasts of the North Island to depth of 80 m.