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Smoked Mussels- BBQ 200 g
NZ $14.90

Smoked Mussels- BBQ 200 g

They are delectable eaten au naturel, but our scrumptious Smoked Mussels can be served in so many different ways.

Try them as hors d’oeuvres, as an exciting pizza topping, or tossed into salads. That’s if you can make them last that long!

Our Coromandel Smoked Mussels come in four fabulous flavours:

Marinated to our secret recipe and then smoked (contains sesame oil).

With overtones of chili and paprika.

What more do we need to say? If you love garlic, you’ll love these.

A sweet, smoky barbecue flavour.

Hot and spicy with Kaitaia Fire Habanero Chilli marinade