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Shipping and Handling

After the smoked fish has been vacuum-sealed, it is then dispatched in an insulated poly bin, which will keep the produce at an optimum temperature for up to 24 hours, even in the sun.

The poly bin will also be sealed.

When you have received the products, if the seals have been either broken or tampered with we suggest that you do not consume the smoked fish and ring us immediately.

On receiving the products, we recommend that you leave the fish in the vacuum packs and transfer them straight to the refrigerator and consume by the use by date.


We currently only deliver within New Zealand.

Courier Costs

North of Taupo $ 10.00
Taupo & South to Wellington $15.00
South Island $20.00
Waiheke Island $20.00
Beanie Postage North Island $5.00
Beanie Postage South Island $8.00
Prices include GST


As all product is smoked to order please allow the following time for deliveries:
North Island: generally delivered in 3-4 days
South Island: generally delivered in 4-5 days
Rural Deliveries: additional 1-3 days longer depending on Rural Courier schedules